The founders of Task Force Home Front have been at work in the trenches helping veterans for more than a decade. The prime mover of this group, J. D. Collett is a Vietnam combat veteran and a retired federal law enforcement officer. He fought his battles with PTSD and its affects for decades after returning home.
J.D.’s ultimate victory over this continuing struggle gave him a driving passion to help other veterans suffering from the long-lasting effects of battle. He understands the damage to the veteran’s mental and physical health, as well as the destructive impact on his loved ones.
Although many different local, state and federal programs exist to help veterans, many of them are simply bureaucratic programs waiting for veterans to come to them. When they do, there is often a mind-numbing process that creates insurmountable hurdles for those needing help the most. J. D. and his team of volunteers have proven that these veterans can be helped by veterans and those committed to the mission.
It is our goal to develop similar units around the country and develop best practices to replicate the work done by this original group. Run bye veterans and volunteers for veterans, the Task Force will accept no government funds so that it can run interference without fear of bureaucratic blockades.
The founding Task Force is breaking new ground in the areas of housing, work programs, training and education. Oversight groups are being established consisting of former service members, volunteers and graduates of Texas A&M University and the three military academies in cities throughout the nation.